Best Practice

Twitter Analytics

Twitter is a fast paced and dynamic microblogging platform that provides rich data and feedback on customer experiences.

Local Measure provides Twitter analytics tools that allow businesses to filter keywords and hashtags that are relevant to their brand and see what trends are emerging from their product. As one of the most frequently updated and fastest platforms around, and over 100 million daily users, Local Measure can help businesses keep track of the aspects that matter to you including:

  • the number of mentions your brand profile receives
  • the estimated reach that posts about your brand draws

Businesses that use Local Measure can monitor the way in which their brand hashtag is used, and track the performance of other keywords associated with their brand that are relevant to their brand using our Stream filtering system. These keywords can be saved and searched at any time for a general overview of the wider Twitterverse.

You can also create a funnel to alert relevant departments whenever a particular hashtag or keyword is mentioned by a customer.

Local Measure allows businesses to manage and monitor multiple Twitter profiles, while gaining insights into customer profiles. By providing the option to respond directly to Twitter posts as they are made, we can help you to facilitate dialogue and foster stronger relationships with your customers.