Product Features & Benefits

Local Measure Customer Experience Platform


Contextually relevant content from any location

  • Monitor single or multiple locations to see a real-time stream of public social media content posted there.
  • Local Measure’s algorithm aggregates the most comprehensive and accurate content available.

Listen to the voice of your customers

  • Sort photos, videos and reviews based on customisable filters to find meaningful content.
  • Translate foreign language posts from your international guests.

Understand your audience segments

  • Segment by loyalty, language or keyword to find and understand the distinct groups of people who comprise your customer base.


Real-time conversations

  • Acknowledge positive posts and address issues or complaints.
  • Identify visitors celebrating special occasions, then surprise and delight them on-site.


Set notifications for automatic alerts

  • Customisable workflows alert you to the things that matter most to your business.
  • Receive real-time notifications for time-sensitive posts, or auto-tag content into categories to review later.

Send content to the right people in your team

  • Automatically route important information to the right person within your organisation. For example, send posts by loyal customers to your rewards team, complaints to customer service and influential posts to your marketing department.


Increase customer satisfaction scores with Local Measure Pulse

  • A real-time feedback tool that gives you immediate visibility into how a customer’s visit is going.
  • Stop bad reviews before they happen and turn passive guests into promoters.
  • Simple to use and integrate: a single question delivered upon customer sign on to Wi-Fi or through link/QR code.
  • Receive immediate notification of customer feedback on the mobile app and mark feedback when actioned.
  • Integrated view and context of customer’s history through Local Measure platform.


Create a rich, customer profile dashboard

  • With customer consent, see a history of customer visits on Wi-Fi merged with their customer profile.
  • Search customers by name or other details to surface insights.
  • Understand customers’ past visits and dwell times at your locations and previous interactions with staff.
  • Enable cross-departmental staff to log notes about customers.

Acquire new customers

  • Reach the ‘shadow customer base’ in addition to the customers who completed a transaction.
  • Add a GDPR compliant opt-in mechanism to grow your database.


Drive sales with user-generated content

  • Enhance your websites, apps, and Facebook pages with galleries of visually rich social content from real customers at individual properties.
  • Local Measure galleries have been shown to boost online conversions and bookings, increase engagement, and improve SEO.

Curate and publish with a single click

  • Publish your customers’ best social snaps onto any of your digital assets with one click.
  • Easy curation helps you keep content fresh.
  • Choose from a range of existing visualizations, or create custom themes to match your brand.

Activate and convert audiences at events

  • Stream live social content to the big screen at events or venues to drive audience engagement.
  • Activate audiences with creative social media activations, using Local Measure to engage and respond with attendees in real-time.


Powerful reporting

  • Meaningful local customer intelligence at your fingertips, giving you data to help you run your business more effectively.
  • Reports delivered directly to your inbox or app, or downloadable with the click of a button from our web platform.
  • See what’s being discussed publicly at each of your business locations to figure out which products and services are resonating with your customers.

Monitor social media analytics

  • Measure social activity and sentiment for each of your business locations, benchmarked against your other properties.
  • Understand your audiences better with segmented data by location, time, influence, language, or topic.

Identify influencers and brand advocates

  • Discover brand advocates who have visited your business recently, and leverage their influence to help market your brand.


Integrate with existing workflows and data sets

  • Local Measure’s flexible platform accommodates integrations with your organization’s existing software or dashboards.
  • Integrate with popular third party tools like Cisco Spark, Cisco Meraki, Salesforce, Hootsuite, WordPress, or other leading CMS platforms with a single click.

Enterprise permissions

  • Create different types of users with different levels of permissions, visibility, and access. Make sure only the right members of the team engage directly with customers.

Request a demo to see it in action

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